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Adult Awards

Our primary goal with this website is to share with our fellow fans the latest, greatest, and the best in the world of adult. Along with upcoming additions from the AVN and XRCO Awards, we are for the first time presenting the Adult Film Fan Awards!

Gonzo - Vignette - All Sex

Feb 28th
Adult DVD Awards

March 3rd
Porn Star Awards

March 10th
Adult DVD Scene Awards

About The Awards

We created the Adult Film Fan Awards (AFFAs) as a fun way to tell everyone what adult DVDs we like and which performers we believe are the best in the biz. At the same time, the AFFAS exist to thank those who create great adult video for adult film fans.

The adult media and adult critics already have their awards, but we wanted these awards to be all about the fans. Initially we thought of creating a large survey and letting the fans choose who they want to win, but after further research we determined that this system is flawed. 

The problem is that there are two main groups of adult film fans, and each group likes only certain types of porn. This wouldn't be a problem, but one style (The Features) have a much larger marketing budget and as a result, reach far more viewers. The other style (Gonzo-Vignette) seems to appeal to a different and smaller audience that enjoys gonzo-vignette porn but may not enjoy features. Letting fans choose the "best" between those two styles would be like letting motion picture fans vote on which was better: Star Wars #2 or Million Dollar Baby. Nearly all true fans of the cinema would choose Million Dollar Baby, but Star Wars would get more votes simply because it had 20 times as many people viewing it.

Our solution was to focus on the gonzo/vignette category and a panel of gonzo/vignette fans has chosen the very best within this category. If and when enough "features" adult video fans contact us at admin@adultfilmfan.com, nominate features in all categories, and vote for the best features awards, then results will be added to this awards page.

The Gonzo &Vignette Awards

The Gonzo & Vignette panel consisted of two married couples (us included) and four single guys. We wanted to include some single women too, but we were unable to find any single women who prefer this genre of adult (we know you're out there though, please contact us if you want to be involved for similar projects). This panel judged the adult DVD styles that focused on great sex above all else. These DVDs usually have no music, no script, and do not cut to a different angle every 15 seconds. In these DVDs, the performers appear to really enjoy the sex, the girls have real orgasms (or make us believe that they are real orgasms), and scenes typically last 20-25 minutes.

With the Gonzo videos, no secret is made of the fact that there's a camera right there and the "story" is that these porn stars are going to have sex with each other for the adult video. There's often a set-up to each scene consisting of an interview where you get to know the performer a little bit and this interview is designed to turn on viewers interested in the reality of the situation rather than the fantasy created by a director.

Within this group we also included Vignettes which basically consists of scenes that are short stories and performers who play rolls. However, we only included Vignettes that also keep to the reality style of the Gonzo videos. In other words, there can be an interesting set-up, but the sex must still be "real" and without music, all those cuts, and so on.

These styles of video often have the sharpest edge to them. Many contain very rough sex with the performers taking on dominant and submissive rolls. Elements like anal sex, double penetration, squirting, swallowing, and group sex are common. At the same time, some of the best Gonzo & Vignette releases don't have this edge to them at all, but still have incredibly hot sex with lots of intensity and chemistry between performers.

February 28, 2005
Adult DVD Awards

March 3, 2005
Porn Star Awards

March 10, 2005
Adult DVD Scene Awards


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