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September 2005
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09/16/2005: "Violation of Hillary Scott"

The Violation of Hillary Scott adult DVD is a sexy all-girl gang bang. These strippers hate porn stars and unleash their frustrations on porn star Hillary Scott...

The Violation of Hillary Scott is a fun and exciting all-girl gang bang with a sexy plot of frustrated strippers who hate porn stars, including visiting porn star Hillary Scott who is hogging all of their strip club's money. I love the plot behind The Violation of Hillary Scott adult DVD and porn star Hillary Scott takes it all like a sex doll. From dildo to dildo to butt plugs galore, Hillary Scott takes constistent slapping next to the stripper's pole. Forced to be an anal licking sex doll, Hillary proves her porn star status and it's impressive that she didn't split in half from the size of the sex toys pushed inside of her. The Violation of Hillary Scott was sexy and definitely turned me on.